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A Taste of Spring

Now that spring is here…plants are beginning to emerge from the cold earth, trees are covered with leaf buds, and the grass seems to be getting greener with each passing day. The crocuses, one of the first flowers of spring, emerge with their pastel colors and they are a beautiful sight to see. Our instinct is to get outdoors to feel the warm sun once again, although the air can be quite cool.

One of the best ways to experience the great outdoors is to take a walk or bike ride on the bike/hike paths running through our Borough and throughout Bucks County. You can travel far, breath in the fresh air and observe the changes in nature around. You and your family can take a nature walk in the Nature Preserve or Covered Bridge Park.

Get inspired in your own backyard by doing spring clean-up, planting bulbs and spreading seeds. It is fun to see how your gardens progress over time. It’s especially exciting to plant your own vegetable or herb garden and to actually enjoy foods grown in your own backyard! It can be something that is done with the entire family, or a quiet time to garden on your own. Either way, it is an experience you can only have in spring with the expectation of things to come.

Spring activities are in abundance in the area. Check with the Bucks County Visitor Center to find events and activities in the area. There is virtually something for everyone to do outdoors this time of year. There are many great places to see in beautiful Bucks County!