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Borough Looks To Improve Its Street Lights

Based on feedback from our 2017 Town Hall survey, one of the Borough’s priorities is to provide appropriate and aesthetically pleasing lighting. Lights should properly illuminate sidewalks to ensure safe pedestrian use. They should not shine directly into windows, streets, and driveways as this could interfere with a driver’s vision or become a nuisance to property owners and residents.

As existing street lights burn out, we’re replacing them with stronger and less expensive LED lights that follow these guidelines. New development in the borough also encourages the use of aesthetically pleasing lighting. The borough is actively looking into grants that would allow us to make these changes sooner and turn us into the destination town that our residents want us to be!

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Borough Administration Office at (215) 348-5953 . To learn more about our lighting ordinance, visit