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Historic Preservation Committee

The New Britain Borough Historic Preservation Committee was formed by the Planning Commission in 2005 to create a framework for a positive co-existence between the past and the future. The above photo is of the National Wreaths Across America Ceremony which the Historic Preservation Committee coordinates each year for the borough. The purpose of the ceremony is to honor all military men who are interred in our historic cemetery  located at the New Britain Baptist Church on Butler Avenue. (Photo Credit: Mr. Bruce  Burkart)

War Memorial
The Goal of the committee is to preserve New Britain’s historic buildings by providing control over demolition which will both preserve our historic building and help in limiting commercial development along Butler Avenue. To accomplish this the committee has been exploring ways to preserve our Borough’s heritage, character and historic buildings. New Britain Baptist Church’s 18 century cemetery ( Est. 1748) and what remains of the residential character of the Borough’s Butler Avenue Corridor by establishing a historic preservation overlay zone. To this end the Committee has updated the historic property inventory originally created by a committee of Borough residents including Norman Augustine, Robert Leavy and Nancy Boettger and adopted by the Heritage Conservancy in 1989.

Mission: The New Britain Borough Historic Preservation Committee’s mission is to preserve our historic properties and artifacts and to enhance resident and visitor enjoyment of our history through public education and access.

The Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM at the Borough Administration Building.

Committee Members:
Lorraine Moxey –  Chair
Bruce Burkart – Borough Historian
Mary Pat Holewinski – Council Liaison
Richard Moxey – Secretary
Marie Esher Coia
June Bair
Jackie D’Agostino
Margaret Fabry
Donna Fisher
Doug Fisher
Margaret LaMontagne
Malcolm Rollins
Nancy Ulmen
Peter Ulmen

2017 Agendas

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May 2016 – No meeting held.

April Meeting – Plan Historic Event at Burkart Hall (No Agenda/Minutes)

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2017 Minutes

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2016 Minutes

Click here to view Bruce Burkart’s 2016 Presentation on Borough History (Utube)