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Public Safety Committee


Committee Overview:
The Public Safety Committee shall be comprised of seven persons who shall be appointed to the committee by the Council.   Of the seven persons assigned to the committee, two shall be Borough Council Members (or the Mayor).  One of the seven persons will be appointed by the committee to serve as chair.  A quorum of four persons minimum is needed to hold a meeting.  The Public Safety Committee meets quarterly on the 4th Wednesday of January/April/July/October (and additionally as needed)  at 7:00 PM in the Borough Administration Office.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • The Committee shall be responsible to assess and make recommendations to Council, as needed, on issues which affect public safety.
  • The Committee shall be responsible for addressing concerns related to traffic or parking management that are  not handled as routine operational matters by Borough Administration
  • The Committee shall address any concerns which the police, fire department, ambulance, or emergency management agencies feel affect protection or safety of the citizens of the Borough.
  • The Committee shall serve as liaison between the residents, businesses, and Borough Council on matters of public safety.
  • The Committee shall address public safety concerns of normal or urgent priority, but is not responsible for emergency management operations of the Borough.

Please click here for forms from the Police Department such as traffic calming requests and vacation notices.

Committee Members:
Robyne Kelemen  –  Council (Chair/Council Liaison)
Lori Kesilman  –  Council
Lt. Patrick Penecale  –  Police
Jo Schuler –  Resident
William Schaefer – Resident
Janice Kimenhour – Resident
Matthew Benscoter – Resident
David Gallant – Resident

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