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February 19, 2013 Minutes

Planning Commission Meeting
February 19, 2013

The monthly meeting of the New Britain Borough Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman David Holewinski.  All commission members were present, except Jack Brady.  John Remmey motioned to approve the minutes of the January 15, 2013 meeting as written; seconded by Joe Cangelosi.

New Business:

Pine Run School

Doug Waite, from Gilmore and Associates presented the plan for Pine Run School.  They are proposing parking lot improvements in front of the school with an additional 15 parking spaces as well as a re-routed/extended drop-off area.  The entire area is to be repaved.  A stormwater collection system is also proposed.  The Safe Routes to School grant which includes a sidewalk from Chalfont to the School has been incorporated into the plan.  After a lengthy discussion it was proposed that the school district will include a sidewalk on the north side of the school in the front as well.  Mr. Mark Hintenlang’s letter was extensively reviewed which the school district will comply with and hope to present the plan to the New Britain Borough Council on March 12, 2013. Also included will be an escrow for buffer trees which will extend until January 1, 2015.  Mr. Joe Cangelosi motioned to approve the preliminary/final plan with all waivers; seconded by Michael Parks and unanimously passed.

Mathews Avenue – Traffic Solutions:

Mr. Karl Dietrichs had concerns regarding the new barricade that was erected on Mathews Avenue.  The traffic light at Sand Rd. and Butler Avenue needs to be adjusted.  The traffic is backing up at the light.  Mr. Dietrichs has seen up to 20 cars waiting.  He is concerned there may be a safety issue because he viewed several cars running the red light.  He feels the police should be requested to watch the intersection at rush hour in the evening at about 4:30.  Mark Hintenlang reported that he has been communicating with PennDot to correct the problem.

Mr. Dietrichs was also informed that there will be a meeting taking place March 6, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. with all the industrial businesses that are now affected by the barricade.

Dr. Paul Land motioned to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Mr. Cangelosi and the meeting ended at 8:45.