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October 16, 2012 Minutes

Planning Commission Meeting
October 16, 2012

The monthly meeting of the New Britain Borough Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman David Holewinski.  All commission members were present, except Mr. Karl Dieterichs, Dr. Paul Land and Robin Trymbiski.   Mr. John Remmey motioned to approve the minutes of the September 18, 2012 meeting as written; seconded by Mr. Jack Brady.

New Business:
Mary Biagioli – Sketch Plan Review
Mr. Robert Showalter, PE, Showalter & Associates, presented a subdivision sketch plan of Mrs. Mary Biagioli’s  property located at 30 West Sandy Ridge Road.  The plan proposes a five lot residential subdivision in R-1 zoning district with a 12’ wide combined use access driveway.  Mr. Mark Hintenlang reviewed with Mr. Showlater and the Planning Commission his letter dated October 8, 2012 to New Britain Borough outlining zoning, subdivision/land development, and miscellaneous issues involving subdivision plan.  Several waivers and permits would be required to move forward with the proposed sketch.  The Planning Commission discussed the various items and had no objection for Ms. Biagioli to pursue changes and re-submit to the Planning Commission for review.

Mangar Medical Packing, Britain Drive, Bike and Hike Concerns
The Planning Commission reviewed letter dated October 4, 2012 from Mangar Medical Packaging to New Britain Borough.  Mangar has expressed interest in pursuing the community bike/hike path as it relates to using an easement across Mangar’s property to do so; however, the letter raises several issues including liability, easement improvements, and existing driveways, etc.  The Planning Commission discussed Mangar’s current parking issues and maneuverability of tractor trailers on their property.  The Planning Commission proposes to allow Mangar to park on a portion of the street and in turn, use a section of the road for bike/hike trail.  New Britain Borough solicitor will be consulted for liability and insurance questions.  Mr. Hintenlang and Mr. Yatsky will draft a letter of response to Mangar.

Student Housing Ordinance #340 – Mr. David Holewinski requested Planning Commission members review and research issues in an e-mail correspondence dated October 15, 2012 from Mr. John Brown, VP Student Affairs, Delaware Valley College.   Discussion on this issue will take place at the next Planning Commission Meeting.

Old Business:
Open Space Plan – The Planning Commission is unaware if Mr. Peter LaMontagne has updated the Open Space draft.  Ms. Robin Trymbiski will follow up with Mr. LaMontagne.

Traffic Engineer – Proposals – The Planning Commission reviewed L’Amoreaux Engineering’s letter dated September 26, 2012 outlining the various feasibility study quotes requested by New Britain Borough.  The Planning Commission discussed the timing and need of the five proposed feasibility studies.  #1 Southbound approach of Tamenend to Butler Avenue: widening and opening the southbound approach to avoid traffic being routed onto the frontage road.  #2  Westbound Butler Avenue approach to Tamenend Avenue: installation of a westbound Butler Avenue advance green arrow.  #3  Frances Myers and Tamenend Avenue: all-way stop control.  #4  Sand Road and Butler Avenue: removal of protected only-left-turn arrows to ease traffic flow on adjacent streets.  #5  Butler Avenue and Delaware Valley College driveway, opposite Iron Hill Road: left-turn advance arrow.  Dr. Michael Parke motioned to place items #1, #2 and #5 on hold until Route 202 Parkway is open;  remove #3 from consideration; and, submit item #4 to New Britain Borough Council for approval to proceed; seconded by Mr. John Remmey.

Mr. John Remmey motioned to adjourn; seconded by Dr. Michael Parke and the meeting ended at 8:47 PM.