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September 18, 2012 Minutes

Planning Commission Meeting
September 18, 2012

The monthly meeting of the New Britain Borough Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman David Holewinski.  All commission members were present, except Mr. Karl Dieterichs.  Dr. Michael Parke motioned to approve the minutes of the August 21, 2012 meeting as written; seconded by Mr. John Remmey.

New Business:
Mangar Industries, 97 Britain Drive – Mr. Rob Kronenbitter, Mangar Industries, submitted a preliminary building plan to the Planning Commission.  Mr. Kronenbitter explained the current five building business is growing and in need of an additional 8,500 sf warehouse with two truck height loading docks and thirteen parking spaces.  Mangar Industries anticipates their workforce to increase by three workers and one manager during a one shift operation.  Parking would include three company vehicles and two or three box trucks at night.  The area is designed to handle AR67 trucks (53’ trailer, with cab 67’) and the apron is scalloped to accommodate ease of maneuvering trucks.  Mr. Mark Hintenlang indicated use of space for warehousing is acceptable, parking spaces should be shifted slightly back, and the impervious building coverage zoning issues are below required limit, which is acceptable.  Mr. Hintenlang will review truck maneuverability.

Mr. Kronenbitter addressed parking issues at 75 Britain Drive.  Mangar is proposing to pave more ground area providing thirty-five additional parking spaces.  They are currently experiencing parking overflow and anticipate the overflow to be increased due to another production line being installed which would net additional staffing of ten to twelve workers.   Currently, Mangar has impervious surface variances on both properties.  Mr. Hintenlang advised Manger to obtain approval from Bucks County Water & Sewer and soils testing to determine if underlying water or stone may present a problem.  Mr. Hintenlang explained the current two lots are separate and restrictions apply for driveways being too close to the property line.  Manger would need to either consolidate the two properties or request relief/hardship through a zoning variance from the Zoning Committee.  Planning Commission’s recommendation is for Mr. Kronenbitter to work with Mr. Hintenlang and Mr. Tom Yatsky to fully develop plans for the Planning Commission to review and ultimately submit to the Zoning Hearing Board.

American Heritage, Field Change – American Heritage’s land improvement process along Route 202 was halted due to the traffic light installation at New Britain Road.  Penn Dot has indicated they do not want curbing along that section of Route 202 due to possible draining issues.  American Heritage is seeking waiver relief to not install curbing.  This field change will not affect installation of the bike/hike trail (8’ asphalt).  A motion was made by Mr. Remmey to recommend to Council to approve the waiver for curbing along with items 1 through 8 as stated in Mr. Hintenlang’s letter dated July 11, 2012; seconded by Dr. Land.

Route 202 & Tamenend Avenue Traffic Signal – The Planning Commission discussed the addition of a delayed green light and green arrow to the southbound Tamenend Avenue traffic signal.  Presently, there is a “Do Not Enter” sign and traffic must turn right onto the access road to gain entry to Route 202.  A CMAQ grant is currently being sought to cover the intersection improvements, as well as sidewalk placement from New Britain Baptist Church to the train station.  The Planning Commission has requested Mr. Hintenlang to obtain a fee from the traffic engineer to study the area to determine the safety and visibility issues.  Additionally, the traffic engineer is requested to review feasibility of three-way stop sign at Francis Myers.

Mr. David Holewinski has requested New Britain Borough Police Department to conduct a traffic study relating to speeding issues along South Tamenend Avenue.  An additional study has been requested on Route 202 throughout the Borough to address current speed limit.

Old Business:
Open Space Plan – Commission members have reviewed the Comprehensive Plan and the old Open Space plan.  Mr. Yatsky has reviewed the new proposal with Mr. Peter LaMontagne and corrections were made for accuracy, as well as updated depending on property status.  Mr. David Holewinski suggested adding the back end of the apple orchard as potential open space; this will become an addendum to the open space plan.  Discussion of the Destination Peace Valley Trail, as it relates to the Covered Bridge Park, was discussed.  New Britain Borough Civic Association has already granted an easement to allow the project to proceed.  The Planning Commission has requested Mr. LaMontagne to update the open space draft reflecting Mr. Yatsky’s changes, in an effort to create a new open space plan.  Planning Commission members were asked to forward any comments/suggestions regarding the plan to Ms. Robin Trymbiski via e-mail.

Dr. Land motioned to adjourn; seconded by Mr. Jack Brady and the meeting ended at 8:38 PM.