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Help Us Stop The Spotted Lanternfly

Photo credit: PA Department of Agriculture

The Spotted Lanternfly continues to threaten our ecosystem. The invasive pest attacks grapes, fruit trees, pines, and others. Their feeding damage can kill these plants, especially when coupled with drought, disease and other pests. Bucks County is one of many counties in Pennsylvania that have been identified as a quarantine zone in an effort to stop the movement of this pest to new areas.

The College of Agricultural Sciences from Penn State University has released a guide that reviews the identification, life cycle, current distribution, and techniques for managing spotted lanternflies on your property. This guide can be reviewed at

You can also follow these simple steps to reduce the spread of the Spotted Lanternfly.

Photo credit: PA Department of Agriculture

Step 1: Search on tree trunks, stone surfaces, vehicles, lawn furniture, and any smooth surface for egg masses. Masses will have a gray putty-like covering on top of them. Tree of heaven is the preferred egg laying site.

Step 2: Scrape masses from the surface. Be sure to remove all seed-like black/brown eggs from under the wax coating.

Step 3: Double bag and trash, burn, or submerge the eggs in alcohol or hand sanitizer.