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New Britain Borough Hosts International Visitors

Left to Right: Michelle Shire, New Britain Borough Office of Economic Development; Mr. Juan Pablo Vivas Lopez, National Coordinator of Productive Projects, Land Restitution Unit – Colombia; David Holewinski, Mayor, New Britain Borough; Mr. Eliecer Urrea Moreno, Mayor – El Castillo, Colombia; Ms. Julie Marcela Gallano Garcia, CEO, Municipal Association of Anorisenas Women; Mr. Juan Gabriel Vargas, Gerente, Chocolate Colombia; Ms. Nayla Yamel Banguero, Argo Biz, Bogata, Colombia; Stephen Barth, Director of Economic Development – New Britain Borough

On February 5, 2018, the US Department of State hosted a Colombian Government Delegation on Economic Development with a visit to New Britain Borough & Delaware Valley University’s Small Business Entrepreneurship Center (SBEC) at Burkart Hall, 56 Keeley Avenue.

The Delaware Valley University Small Business Entrepreneurship Center at New Britain Borough is an innovative partnership created between New Britain Borough and Delaware Valley University to foster new business start-ups and economic development for students and local businesses within New Britain Borough and the surrounding region.

“New Britain Borough is excited to be working on this joint project with Delaware Valley University to enhance education and economic opportunities in this area,” commented Borough Manager, Sam Bryant. “It’s great to see our Borough and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center included as a model by the US Department of State which is on a nationwide tour of university towns with international delegations.”

The Department of State highlighted New Britain Borough on its International Visitor Leadership Program with the Colombian Government – “Accessing Foreign Markets: Export Logistics from Rural Roads to Ports – A Project for Colombia,” as an ideal example of how local government and universities can help grow the Colombian economy. New Britain Borough was one stop on the US Department of State’s 22-day national tour with Colombian Government officials spanning the United States from Washington DC to the Silicon Valley.

“It was an incredible honor to represent the United States in hosting foreign dignitaries to our country and New Britain Borough,” remarked Stephen Barth, Director of Economic Development for New Britain Borough. “The SBEC was a wonderful model to illustrate to the Colombian Delegation how local municipalities and educational institutions can partner to create sustainable economic opportunities.”

Colombian officials represented the coffee and cocoa industries, a women’s coalition, rural farmers collective and the Productive Projects Land Restitution Unit for Colombia.  Borough officials who participated also included Council Vice President Peter LaMontagne and Mayor David Holewinski.  William Viel, Lecturer and Co-Department Chair of Delaware Valley University’s Business and Information Management program, also attended.