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Shade Tree Commission

The Borough recognizes that properly planted, maintained and protected Shade Trees add to the aesthetics, health and welfare of the citizens of the Borough.  Thus in April 2017 Borough Council approved the creation of a Shade Tree Commission to assist in the oversight of shade trees and plants in Borough right of ways.

Ordinance 379 Shade Tree Commission

The Commission is responsible for suggesting a shade tree list to Council, creating a Tree Plan for the Borough, providing pruning and maintenance standards, recommending the removal of diseased or hazard trees and reviewing requests to remove or plant trees in the right of way.

Right-of-Way is an easement associated with a road which extends beyond the limits of the pavement and is owned either by the Borough or PennDot.  This can vary from street to street, and is measured from the center of the roadway (for example, a roadway with a 50 foot right of way means that the right of way extends 25 feet in each direction from the center of the road).

A complete list of roads and right of way width can be found at the link below, with the exception of Butler Ave and S Tamenend Ave, which have varying widths:

Borough Street Inventory

The Shade Tree Commission reviews all applications for subdivision and land development, and makes recommendation to Borough Council for approval, or denial, of the application on the basis of compliance with the Borough’s Shade Tree regulations.

The Commission consists of 5 members who are citizens of the Borough, appointed to serve 5 year terms by Borough Council. Borough Council also has a liaison to the Commission, who has no voting power.  No Borough Council member may serve as a member of the Commission. The Commission meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Borough Administration Building.

Commission Members:
Jackie D’Agostino – Chair
Ben Rakus – Vice-Chair
Peter LaMontagne – Council Liaison
Marge Eberz – Secretary
Lorraine Moxey
Fran Dougherty
(all terms expire 4/2022)

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